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Prof. Joern Putschke's group at Wayne State

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FMS Calibration Taskforce

this group looks into the calibration of the FMS

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FMS Analysis/Calibration

Subgroup of FMS users for analysis discussion

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LFS-UPC physics working group

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BES Strangeness Paper Draft

paper draft

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STAR News Letter

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an Upgrade to Inner Sectors of STAR Time Projection Chamber

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FMS Hardware/Analysis Group Meeting

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pp2pp - Diffractive Physics at STAR

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SSD group

SSD Group Pages

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Council members

The STAR council document

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STAR Juniors

STAR Juniors pages

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Physics Working Group

Physics Working Group internal information

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Software and Computing

Software and computing protected documents

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Spin PWG

Spin Physics Working Group pages

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Peripheral Collisions

Ultra Peripheral Collisions

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High pT

High Pt is a focus activity group of Jet-like correlations PWG

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Spectra PWG is now part of the Light Flavor Spectra PWG

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Heavy Flavor

Analysis of data related to charm and bottom production and observables in STAR.

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Event Structure

Event structure focus group Pages

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Event by Event

Event by Event is a focus actib=vity part of the Bulk-correlations PWG

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Strangeness (PWG pre-2008) is part of the Light flavor Spectra PWG

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Site administrators

Site administrators

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