TPC hits by padrow

(This entry is meant as additional input in a thread on Run 9 TPC studies/QA.)

 Using the Offline QA TPC Sector histograms combined from 20 files of runs 10129049 and 10129050, I see the following distributions for each of the 24 sectors (PDF versions of these plots are available as attached files at the bottom of this page).


  • Sectors 13 & 20 show no qualitative differences from other sectors (which don't have any dead RDOs/FEEs/Anodes).
  • Padrow 8 always see an excess of hits. This padrow is the only one which is covered by two RDOs, but I don't see why that matters.



To help in understanding the layout of RDOs and anode channels, I include here a 2D plot of the hits from Sector 1 (padrow vs. position along the padrow in [cm], not pad numbers) with lines to indicate boundaries of RDOs and anode channels. A PDF with all 24 sectors is attached at the bottom of this page. These plots make the following obvious:

 - Anode outages:

- RDO outages:
- FEE outages:
2 (rows 16-17)
5 (row 3)
8 (rows 16-17, 36-37)
9 (row 7, 38-39)
19 (rows 44-45)
20 (a block on rows 39-45)
21 (rows 42-43, 44-45)
- There are a few dead pads and some warm FEEs.
These are noted in Offline QA shift reports.