Our first version of FMS mapping for 2009

 This represents our first attempt to figure out the mapping for FMS in 2009. This is reflected in our first version of mapping files: 


qtmap2pp_set121.txt  (unchanged mapping between physical cells and panel)

qtmap2009V1.txt   (Our version 1 of the 2009 mapping from qt to panel)


The following assumptions are made

1) qtmap2pp_set121.txt was and still is correct.

2) The photocopies of the spreadsheet from Dec-Jan are still meaningful.

3) The slot numbers are A=1,B=2, C=3,……… J=10   and the extra slot that is not in the trigger is called “L=12”.  (We completely guessed this one).


The following representations of maps show physical locations in the format

(2 digit channel #)(1 character slot letter)(1 digit crate number)

see  FullMap.pdf for details