Trigger Emulator Test

In StTriggerSimuMaker, I get the "nominal" trigger from the MuDst, then execute the following
code --

      for ( Int_t i=0;i<(Int_t)nominal.triggerIds().size();i++ )
Int_t id = (Int_t)nominal.triggerId(i);
if ( id <= 0 ) continue;
StTriggerSimuDecision bbcDecision = bbc->triggerDecision( (Int_t)id );
StTriggerSimuDecision eemcDecision = eemc->triggerDecision( (Int_t)id );
StTriggerSimuDecision bemcDecision = bemc->triggerDecision( (Int_t)id );
StTriggerSimuDecision l2Decision = lTwo ->triggerDecision( (Int_t)id );
Form("** online id=%2i\tbbc emu=%2i\teemc emu=%2i\tbemc emu=%2i\tl2 emu=%2i **",

TString Id="";Id+=id;
if ( bbcDecision ) hTriggerEmulation->Fill("bbc" , Id,1.0);
if ( eemcDecision ) hTriggerEmulation->Fill("eemc", Id,1.0);
if ( bemcDecision ) hTriggerEmulation->Fill("bemc", Id,1.0);
if ( l2Decision ) hTriggerEmulation->Fill("l2" , Id,1.0);


where hTriggerEmulation is a histogram.

Next, process 1000 EEMC (137641) or BEMC (137611) L2gamma triggers from run 7147008.  This results in the
following "table".    Here's how to read it...

Read across from 137611 (1st on the y-axis).  644 BEMC L2gamma triggers were "seen" online.  Of these, 644 satisfied
the BBC emulator.  644 satisfied the EEMC emulator... (in this particular case a kDontCare was returned).  430
satisfied the BEMC emulator.  And all 644 satisfied the L2 trigger.

Likewise for 137641 (3rd on y-axis).  All of the components which were supposed to be satisfied -- BBC, EEMC, L2 --
were satisfied.  The BEMC emulator wasn't satisfied, though.  So if I understand the emulated trigger logic... we get 5 endcap
triggers out of this.