2005 BSMD zero-suppressed ADCs (minbias triggers)

Motivation:  We see a strange band structure in raw ADC vs. softId plots for the BSMD.  To date these plots have been generated by integrating over all triggers.  The idea here is to restrict to minimum-bias triggers to see if some of these bumps around ADC >~ 500 could be due to trigger turn-on curves.

Results:  At first glance, the trigger doesn't seem to be causing much of the bump.  On the left is a projection of raw ADC for BSMDE strips 1-150 using all triggers from 2005 pp data.  On the right is the same plot for MB-only, rebinned to deal with the limited statistics.  The MB plot was generated from a separate runlist with roughly 3x more statistics than the trigger-integrated plot.

Stats aren't great, but I think one can pick out the three bumps at ~500, ~570, and ~610, plus the ending spikes at ~710.  Looks like it's not the trigger.

2005 BSMD zero-suppressed ADCs