Data Sample


The analysis uses 839 runs, totaling 7,965,962 events (MB|JP1|JP2), 2,073,334 pions, and 2.2 pb^-1 of integrated luminosity. The run QA effort builds on the work of the jetfinding group, documented here. In addition to the QA requirements imposed by the jet group, I checked the stability of the dE/dx distributions. That work is documented here, but in summary I concluded that the PID information is usable in all the runs that passed jet QA, and that the PID window should be centered on the mean of the pion Gaussian for each fill.

Event Cuts

  • BBC online time difference in [7,8,9]
  • spin DB (StSpinDbMaker) says spin information is OK for bunch crossing
  • online trigger in [96011, 96221, 96233]
  • offline trigger emulator agrees with online trigger decision

Track Cuts

  • pT > 2.0
  • |eta| < 1.0
  • |dcaG| < 1.0
  • nFitPoints > 25
  • nSigmaPion in the range [-1,2] * sigma centered on pion mean

Ideas for more information here

  • event counts by trigger and/or trigger overlap
  • histogram showing effect of each cut