New PID Asymmetries II

This post is basically a correction to New PID Asymmetries. I’m now using the following equations for A_{LL} and its statistical uncertainty:

The difference is that this calculation takes into account the presence of pions in the p+K and electron sidebands. I also fixed a bug in the minimization code; here are the new results:

pT binπ windowmax p+Kmin electron
2.00 - 3.18(-1.10, 2.30)-2.102.60
3.18 - 4.56(-1.40, 2.10)-2.102.40
4.56 - 6.32(-1.40, 1.80)-2.102.40
6.32 - 8.80(-1.40, 1.80)-2.102.40
8.80 - 12.84(-1.30, 1.40)-2.102.10

The PID windows are generally still wider than the old (-1.0,2.0) cut, but not as wide as they were before the bugfix. Unfortunately, the statement that the statistical uncertainties obtained by this method are smaller than the uncertainties from the old method is no longer true. These uncertainties are larger than the uncertainties on the raw A_{LL} in the (-1.0,2.0) window by 3-13%. I’ll try to check later on to see which approach yields the better figure-of-merit, but I think this approach is better from a theoretical perspective. It’s always nice when you can reduce uncertainties just by taking more data.