L2 code release

 I've wrapped up a set of changes to the L2 algorithms:

-All algorithms now use a uniform method for random accept.  In initRun() a counter is initialized randomly between 0 and the random accept prescale.  Each time decision() is called the variable is incremented modulo the prescale, and on counter=0 the event is accepted automatically.  The full computation for the algo still takes place, so the L2Result will be there.  The initialization value is saved to the log.

-All algorithms now inherit from L2VirtualAlgo2009.

-multitest.c now works with the 2009 algorithms

-The old setup files (*2008.setup*) have been copied to *2009.setup1

-New Upsilon code from Haidong is included

-New Jet code from Brian is included 

-minor changes.


Timing plots for all but L2jet can be found here


The code is located in ~rcorliss/l2/official-2009a/