BSMD ADC distributions from data

These plots were made from data taken from the  following runs:
They were made using Oleg's StBemcRawDataMaker.

Most of the BSMD modules fall into 3 categories.  The first is those still using the old configuration, 16-31: a typical example is module 19.

The ADC distribution for the first 150 channels:

ADC distribution for the second 150 channels:

The second category of modules (about half the remaining) are those under the new configuration that don't exhibit band structure, such as module 33.

And finally we have modules that do exhibit a band structure under the new configuration, in wide bands, like module 12:

Or in narrow bands, like module 112:

Then there are 4 modules which have every other channel missing for part of their range:

And there is one module that exhibits an extreme pattern of banding on its first 150 channels: