BPRS Online QA

The online QA code takes three histograms as inputs: two 2d histograms that have pedestal-subtracted ADC vs. softId and pedestal-subtracted ADC vs. cap ID and one 1d histogram which has the status for each channel.  Currently they are generated from a MuDst file but in the end they will be obtained from Tonko's files.  However, the creation of the QA code input histograms is done separately from the analysis.  The QA code produces the following plots, all of which are for the BPRS.  Identical BSMD plots will be added soon.

Figure 1: This page (and 3 others like it for the other three BPRS crates) shows on the right pedestal-subtracted ADC vs. channel and on the left counts vs. ADC summed over all channels.  The red dotted lines indicate channels with bad status: the green line shows the jump from softId 340 to softId 1541.

Figure 2: This page (and 3 others like it for the other three crates) shows the most probable value of the pedestal-subtracted ADC for each channel with good status.  The horizontal green lines indicate the cutoff for a bad channel; the dotted vertical blue line shows the softId jump.

Figure 3: This page shows the number of channels with good status and ADC MPV out of bounds.


Figure 4 (Summary Page): This page will be be the one the shift crew will look at: they should be able to identify any problems from examining this page.  For now this only shows the plot from Figure 3.  BSMD crates will be added later.  There is room for other important plots to be added as well.

The pdf file that contains all the plots is attached to this blog post.