First Clustering Plots

Here are the plots from 5000 gamma events, with a seed tower energy cutoff of 1 GeV and a cluster energy cutoff of 4 GeV.  The first page has on the upper left total cluster energy, on the upper right cluster eta (calculated as an energy-weighted average of tower eta), on the lower left cluster Z (again, an energy-weighted average) and in the lower right cluster phi.  The second page shows the number of seed towers in the event, the number of clusters above the energy cutoff in the event, and finally, the number of events, events with at least one seed tower, and events with at least one cluster (above the energy cutoff).

Now the same plots for muons.  Note that for the muons the seed and cluster cutoffs were lowered to both be .25 GeV, as only a handful of events made it through using the 1 and 4 cuts.