Cluster-to-Track Matching Plots

These plots were made from the same set of 5000 single-gamma events as before.  Clusters are 2x2 patches found by looking for towers with E>1, constructing the 2x2 patch containing the seed towers with the highest energy, and ensuring that the energy of this patch is greater than 4.  Using the variable d=sqrt((delta-eta)2+(delta-phi)2) as my distance parameter, for each event I calculated the distance between the geant track and each reconstructed cluster in the positive-eta barrel, using energy-weighted eta and phi for the cluster, and then took the smallest of those values and plotted them:

                                                                                      Figure 1

This plot indicates that the distance between a track and its associated reconstructed cluster should be no more than .05: therefore from now on that will be the criterion used to match geant tracks and reconstructed clusters.

Now we can produce some plots of the matched track-cluster pairs, showing the energy distribution for the tracks and clusters in matched pairs and the ratio of the cluster energy to geant energy for matched pairs:

                                                                                                 Figure 2

Additionally, we can plot the energy ratio vs. geant energy and geant eta, and the geant eta vs. phi distribution for the energy ratio peak:

                                                                                              Figure 3