Muon, Photon, and Pi- Preshower Plots

These plots were made from 5000 events of each particle type.  For muons, tower clustering was done by setting a seed tower threshold of .25 GeV and a cluster threshold of .33 GeV: for gamma and piminus, the thresholds are 1 and 4 GeV, respectively.  For the preshower, a preshower cluster was formed from the four preshowers in front of the four towers that make up the cluster.  All preshower energies are geant depositions only.  For the preshower energy vs. eta plot, the eta is the energy-weighted eta of the preshower cluster.  The plots are all basically what we would expect, with a muon preshower peak at a few MeV and an increase in muon energy deposition at higher etas.


Figure 1: Muons

Figure 2: Gammas

Figure 3: Piminus