2018 Student CEU DNP Poster Abstracts

Abstracts from Noah Strand, JD Snaidauf, and Miya Bailey for the 2018 DNP CEU (conference experience for undergraduates).

Posted first for Spin PWG consideration (Strand v0.3, JD v1.0, Bailey v1.0).
And then with updates from the Spin and Forward conveners (Strand v0.4, JD v2.0, Bailey v2.0).

Bailey 2.0 incorporates comments from the Spin and Forward conveners

Strand 0.4 incorporates comments from the Spin conveners

JD v2.0 incorporates comments from the Spin conveners

The abstracts have a lot in common, as the students work has had a lot in common with each other.

Noah plans to spend more space talking about the EEMC pi0 A_LL analysis overall and efforts to fold in the existing JP0 filtered 2012 embedding sample with 2012 data.

Miya will show some first steps with 2013 data (towards the EEMC pi0 A_LL), and spend some time talking about the FMS and FCS. (All three students are spending ~3 weeks deconstructing the FMS and so each might spend a little space talking about the FMS and showing its deconstruction; but Miya probably more than the others.)

JD will focus more on work he's done generating some new 2012 MC, and on comparisons of data and MC, perhaps embedded vs. GEANT-only samples, etc. But the context is the EEMC pi0 ALL.