FGT - TPC Vertex

in cm,

First for primary vertex, rank>0, best vertex:

Run list: attached FO.txt for fast offline data. 50k events, since FO has 1000 events per file this means the first 50 files.
Vertex difference for minimum of 2,3 and 4 points in the FGT, straight tracking.
The file list can be used directly with the runMuDstAVEff.C macro like this:
root4star -b -q StRoot/StFgtPool/StFgtClusterTools/macros/runMuDstAVEff.C'("FO.list",".",500)' 
Notice that the file has to be renamed to have the extension .lis or .list to be read by the mDstMaker!

Only EHT triggers below (Ids: 430315,430313,430312)

Here are the ones for the best primary vertex:

These plots are with the next best primary vertex (but rank still >0 )

EHT triggers required: