SDU received two sectors from US on Jun.5th 2017

 Hi All, 
We received two sectors from LBL.
One named "0002" and the other is "1001". Please notice us which one is the "prototype" one.
The shipping box has some nails drop on the side of the surface. Maybe made from customs.
The package inside looks in good condition.
We unpacked them and did some visual checks. They are now stored in the clean room.

The detail observed things can be found below:
For sector_0002:
1. The pad plane is not very clean. Some "colors" can be observed.
2. Some glues were dropped and cured outside the wire mounts.
3.Several pins for ABDB are missing
4.Several scratches on the pads. 
5.The dowel are too deep inside the wire mounts compared to the other one.

For sector_1001:
1. There are no ABDB pin protectors. Many pins are not as parallel as they should be.
2. A group of pins are totally bad.
3. Stains on dowel
4. One dowel are not fully inserted into wire mounts

You can find some photos in the attachments.
We will do further geometry check and electronics check.
Best wishes,