FMS-FPost alignment - for discussion with Akio

1. Used runs
- st_fms_18056090_raw_0000002.MuDst.root (Feb. 25, ~half of SL4 was dead)
- st_fms_18057004_raw_1000001.MuDst.root (Feb. 26, general status even worse)
- Produced 1,000,000 (or less) events of each run segment above using + runBfc.C

2. Working directory
- Original (Akio's, to check consistency): /star/u/ckimstar/work/fps_corr
- Modified: /star/u/ckimstar/work/testbench

3. Notable modifications on StFmsFps / StFmsOfflineQA
- Added readMuDST() for FmsFpost (inherited class of FmsFps): FPost hits are being updated in runtime
- corrFmsFpost / distanceFpost didn't added yet
- FPost positions are not in DB yet. Hard coded slat positions in StFmsOffllineQa
- Accessing FPost slat info (something similar to FmsCollection->fpsSlats()) is not available yet.
   -> calculated nmip of each FPost slat before fill alignment plots
        (L500 of /star/u/ckimstar/work/testbench/StRoot/StFmsOfflineQaMaker/StFmsOfflineQaMaker.cxx)
- Conditions to fill FPost alignment plots are same to FPS: " no cut + MIP > 0.5 "
- Disabled TriggerFilter during runMuDst running

4. Conclusion:
- Selected runs' quality seems poor. Need to repeat with better quality runs (for both FMS and FPost).
- Still need to add corrFmsFpost and distanceFpost