FMS-FPS / FMS-FPost alignment status (2)

- Worked on FMS-FPS, FMS-FPost correlation check
- Tried to tune cut for backgrounds for both FPS/FPost
   a. FPS: tune MIP cut of each channel (ongoing)
   b. FPost:
       1) tune MIP cut of each channel (ongoing)
       2) applied FPS cut to select charged hadrons mainly. Quite effective (succeeded to see the ecpected correlation)
- Trying to pick a good run
- Quantification of measured slat position by fitting (ongoing)
- I'll prepare a full report once within 2 weeks

* 2D correlation plots: st_fms_18082010_raw_1500001.MuDst.root (10,000 events)
* 1D fit plots / graph: st_fms_18073040_raw_1000002.MuDst.root (~8,000 events)