RUN15 cell degradation study, by mass

- Degradation study by gainCorr:


- Degradation study by reconstructed pi0

  a. Follows QA items and definition in previous report (
  b. Checked mass distributions with following conditions:
       b-1. day 77 - day 93, 7 subgroups share same HV setting
       b-2. After final iteration and gainCorr finalization
       b-3. Checked 20 < pairE (GeV) < 40
       b-4. Normalized each distribution by # of events processed
       b-5. Two QA types will be shown: QA1 (Zgg + zVtx) and QA6 (Zgg + zVtx + SPC +CQC)

  c. Notable and Strong degradation effect in small cells, but large cells' degradation effect look rather weak:
      consistent to previous study based on gainCorr

  c-1. QA1



  c-2. QA6 (closest to calibration condition)