FMS Meeting - 8-8-2011

I've added more plots to the gain-dependent reconstructed photon distribution plots. In order from top to bottom, left to right, the plots are as follows:

  Plot 1: x-distribution of reconstructed photons 

  Plot 2: y-distribution of reconstructed photons

  Plot 3: 2d distribution of reconstructed photons

  Plot 4: ADC distributions (black=raw, red=rescaled, blue=led)

  Plot 5: x-distribution skewnesses

  Plot 6: y-distribution skewnesses

  Plot 7: gain correction analysis (see below for details)

  Plot 8: average energy per run (run number scaled to natural numbers)

  Plot 9: mass distribution (still working on appropriate cuts / mass fits)

  Plot 10: mass vs energy

  Plot 11: (text) cell number and gain information

For the gain correction analysis plot, the integers represent whether the gain correction is relatively high or relatively low with respect to adjacent cells

  +1: means no gain correction needed / unknown

  -1: means there was a contradiction (e.g. x-distributions show the gain correction is too high while y-distributions show gain correction is too low)

  +/- 2: means only the x-distribution shows the gain correction is too high/low

  +/- 3: means only the y distribution shows the gain correction is too high/low

  +/- 4: means both the x and y distributions show the gain correction is too high/low

  * For integers 2,3,4, positive means gain correction is too high and negative  means gain correction is too low



1. [PDF]

     Sample set of plots; the gain correction is iterated by 0.05 from 0.1 to 3.0.

     The last page is a plot of the skewnesses as a function of gain correction

     (low means the skewness of the cell to the left or below; high means the skewness of the cell to the right or above;

          mid means the cell in the center)

2. [MP4]

     This is a movie that steps through the previous PDF file page by page. Note that it is a high resolution movie,

     so you'll need to resize it to fit your screen.

3. [PDF]

     Reconstructed photon distribution in detector 3

4. [PDF]

     Reconstructed photon distribution in detector 4

5. Full Skewness plots [PDFs]

   a. gain correction analyses:

   b. skewness of x-distributions:

   c. skewness of y -distributions: