FMS Meeting - 7-25-2011

I've updated the gain correction dependent plots to include more information about the cell and adjacent cells while the gain correction is changed. 

For the reconstructed photon distributions, the axis is cell number.

In order from left to right; top to bottom, the plots are:

 - X-direction reconstructed photon distribution

 - Y-direction reconstructed photon distribution

 - 2d reconstruced photon distribution

 - Mass distribution (I do not have the cuts working correctly for these distributions yet)

 - ADC distributions

    (black - raw ADC; red - rescaled ADC; blue - ledADC)

 - Numerical information

    (3 skewnesses are given for x and y; the middle skewness is the skewness of the cell with the gain correction change;

     the left and right skewnesses correspond to adjacent cell skewnesses)

Here are the plots:

 - Single Photon 1 -

 - Single Photon 2 -

 - Eta Events -

Here are the distributions of reconstruced photons over the entire detector:

 - Pion Events -

 - Single Photon Events -

 - Eta Events -