Run-12 Transverse Jets: Trigger QA

There is now a sizable amount of Run-12 data on disc. Thus, we begin the QA. Here, I post QA plots for 99 runs of Run-12 data. I have selected JP, BHT, EHT, and VPDMB triggers for this first pass. I examine the trigger rates and the number of towers above threshold. I made a mistake in my evaluation of the BHT towers, therefore, I need to rerun for those three triggers. Also, the EHT towers were evaluated relative to the raw ADC's. Based on what I'm seeing, this should have been the pedestal-subtracted ADC. I believe these issues have been corrected, and jobs are currently running. I will update the plots on this page upon their completion.

Trigger Rate













There are two issues I notice, immediately. First, there are six runs which show low event rates in EHT0. Checking the run logs for each of these runs, I see abnormally low event counts for EHT0 triggers. I have found the following notes in the shift log:

  • run 13069008 (index 6), "TOF alarm, FGT/FGT_test/EHT0 errors"
  • run 13069029 (index 19), "errors for EHT0 and FGT_test"
  • run 13070011 (index 32), "trigger errors for FGT"
  • run 13070021 (index 41), "errors in EHT0, FGT_test and EHT0*EJP1*L2Egamma"
  • run 13070024 (index 43), "FGT errors"
  • run 13072015 (index 94), "FGT errors"

Thus, it appears there were problems with the FGT and EHT0 trigger during these runs. There are relatively few events, here, anyway, thus the problem is probably not significant. EEMC analysts, however, can probably save time by removing these runs from their lists.

Additionally, there appears to be a fill (16538) with high rates for several BHT and JP triggers. The runs of interest, here, are 13070056-13070061, 13071003-13071006, and 13071008. Nothing unusual appears in the run log, however, I do find the following notes in the shift log:

  • run 13070059 (index 51), "one TPX S14-4 auto-recoveries"
  • run 13070060 (index 52), "numerous TPX S14-4 auto-recoveries"
  • run 13070061 (index 53), "TPX S14-4 auto-recovery failed, EEMC trip"
  • run 13071006 (index 57), "TPC RDO Sector 07 #3 auto-recovery failed"

So, it appears there were multiple issues with the TPX/TPC during these runs. With a noticeable rise in the trigger rate, I'm tempted to say we should exclude these runs. It is worth some discussion.

Towers Above Threshold

By the time I was ready to run the towers above threshold QA, the run list had changed slightly. The following plots reflect 118 available runs.


BHT0*VPDMB (All Triggers)


BHT1*VPDMB (All Triggers)


BHT2 (All Triggers)

BHT2 (BHT2 Trigger)

EHT0 (All Triggers)

EHT0 (EHT0 Trigger)

I notice a few features. First, while the EHT0 plots look more reasonable than before (~450 towers above threshold), they still seem high relative to the corresponding BHT triggers. This is perhaps as intended but should be verified. Otherwise, it is possible I am still not correctly obtaining the EEMC tower ADC's!

It also appears there are three fills (16530, 16532, and 16543) with higher towers above threshold for the BHT triggers. Granted this is essentially going from one tower above threshold to two towers above threshold. I note from the shift log somewhat of a correlation with the listing of "BEMC - BTOW Clusters/hits : Spikes in cluster energy distribution" under the summary of changed issues for Fast Offline Data. I note that the BEMC-BTOW issue is marked as "new" under run 13069013 (index 26) and is marked as "gone" under run 13069073 (index 47). The issue reappears as "new" during run 13071012 (index 81), however, I do not see a sign of a spike in the number of towers over threshold. The issue appears to remain as "new" for the duration of the available runs.