Run-11 Transverse Jets: Follow-up from Jet Call (Pion Contamination)

During the jet call, Renee pointed out the need to estimate the contamination of the pion signal from kaons, protons, and electrons. She suggested I follow Rob's technique of the three-Gaussian fit to the nσ(π) distribution.

Figure 1

In Fig. 1 I post the result of the three-Gaussian fit. The contamination is quite small with the following resulting integrals:

Table 1

Total Yield Pion Yield K/p Yield Elect Yield
5.740429e+05 5.590275e+05 6.080034e+02 1.440739e+04
Pion Fraction 0.9738

Thus, from the nσ(π) distribution I estimate a dilution of well-less than 5%.