Run-11 Transverse Jets: Preliminary Results (MENU-2013)

Update June 27, 2014: The MENU 2013 conference proceedings have been published. The reference for these preliminary results is J. L. Drachenberg (STAR Collaboration), EPJ Web of Conferences 73, 02009 (2014). A link to the open access article can be found here.

NOTE: On November 6 a bug was found which affected the xF < 0 asymmetries. The bug has been fixed and the money plots replaced with the fixed measurements. The current, correct figure are the versions to appear in the Proceedings of MENU 2013 and should be used in all subsequent STAR talks until such time as they are superseded by final results.

Sivers Asymmetries

Figure 1: AUT vs. pT

Figure 2: AUT vs. pT in η-Bins

Collins-like Asymmetries

Figure 3: AUT vs. z

Figure 4: AUT vs. jT in z-Bins

Figure 5: AUT vs. pT in z-Bins

Collins Asymmetry

Figure 6: AUT vs. z

Figure 7: AUT vs. jT in z-Bins

Figure 8: AUT vs. pT in z-Bins