Run-11 Transverse Jets: TOF PID Pion-rich vs. K/p-rich

Carl suggested that we might get a better idea on the shape of the kaon and proton peaks by looking at the K/p-rich sample. Here, I post the TOF mass plots for the standard K/p-rich cut of -4 < nσ(π) < -1.5.

Figure 1: VPDMB

On the top row of Fig. 1 I show the mass peaks for the standard pion cuts, while on the bottom I show the K/p-rich sample, for the VPDMB events. There is still a fairly pronounced pion peak in the 0.1 < z < 0.2 bin, but the kaon peak is strongly enhanced over the standard pion cuts. The pion peak is greatly reduced by the 0.2-0.3 bin and the proton peak begins to emerge. By the 0.3-0.4 bin, even though the resolution is degrading, the proton peak stands out clearly. The position of the prominant peak in the 0.3-0.4 bin suggests this is largely kaons, though the pion peak may play a role in the low-mass side.

Figure 2: JP Triggers