Run-11 Transverse Jets: Update to Jet Group (November 18, 2014)

Notes from Jet Group:

  • Perhaps, include in the text of the paper a line about the sin(φSH) and sin(φS+2φH) moments
  • Slide 3: for the high-pT, z ~ 0.35 point, shift to the trend line and only use the calculated statistical uncertainty (with the caveat of sanity checks as suggested by Renee)
  • For the inclusive jet azimuthal asymmetry, request some updated theory from Koichi Kanazawa with a bit of an explanation of how he handles the "jets," e.g. leading order, 2-to-2 scattering?
  • For the additional "single-panel" Collins-like figure, if I plot vs. pT, perhaps combine all of 0.1 < z < 0.3
  • For Collins(-like), blow away the 55 GeV pT bin
  • Slide 9: for high-pT, blow away the first jT bins on the top row (jT ~ 0.3 GeV/c, ⟨z⟩ ~ 0.15)
  • For the 3σ Collins asymmetry at high-pT, low-z, and backward scattering, try a sanity-check by running on 2012 data
  • For the paper, either move the jT points to a table or select an example of one rather than including all as figures in the paper

Figure 1: 200 GeV Sanity Check

Figure 1 represents the result of running the 2011 analysis code on Kevin's 2012 200 GeV jet trees. No corrections have been applied for resolutions, no vertical systematics have been calculated, and the points are placed at the location of the 2011 bins (with the 2011 horizontal systematics). The distributions have been fit with constants and the results are shown on the figure. In the area of concern in the 2011 data, there is a 2.6σ effect in pT for π+ but nothing for π-. Looking deeper, the effect seems mostly relegated to low-pT in 2012. The size of the effect is less than 2σ at high-pT.