Review of STAR Forward Upgrade November 2018

This page summarizes all the information for the Review of the STAR Forward Upgrade

Review Date: 19th of November 2018
Review Indico Page:
Access Code: fSTAR2021

Final Review Report:

Review Charge:

Review Committee:

Guerrit Van Nieuwenhuizen <
Connor Miraval  <>
Glenn Young <>
Alessandro Tricoli 
Stephen Boose

Template for Review presentation: Powerpoint:

Template for Costing Excel sheets:
How to estimate contingency:
Detailed costing info can be found on the indigo page

Schedule of Runs and Shutdowns:

Proposal to be updated:
The information on the cost should go into the separated spreadsheets, and the miles stones are fine, but need to be updated and we should add a time-line for every project.

Mark your Calendars: 
page turning for all the talks on Monday the 12th of November

full rehearsal of all talks on Thursday the 15th of November

Proposed Review Talks:
1. requirements for the forward upgrade from physics      Scott 20 + 10 min
2. The STAR forward Upgrade: Setting the stage                Elke 20 + 10 min
3. calorimetry + preshower R&D and Design                     Oleg 20 + 10 min
4. Silicon detector R&D and Design                                   Zhenyu 20 + 10 min
5. sTGC detector R&D and Design                                     Lijuan 20 + 10 min
6. Readout and Trigger                                                     Tonko 20 + 10 min
7. Integration into STAR                                                    Rahul 20 + 10 min
8. In situ testing of prototypes, RUN-19                           Akio 20 + 10 min
9. The STAR forward Upgrade: Summary on Cost, Schedule and Workforce           Elke                                       
Room at BNL: 1-224

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