Status of dE/dx calibration for pp 500 (transverse) and 19.6 GeV BES, Run XI

 Repass with dE/dx calibration for pp500 and AuAu19 has been finished.

The last point was to check with calibration values put in MySQL on part test sample.

This test has some inconsistency with results obtained with CINT-files and should be redone with full statistics.

But any way the present results are reasonable and can be used for production.

1. pp500 resolution @76 cm is 7.4%

Systematical shift versus track length is below 1% 

dEdx versus momentum shows the same extra band which we have discussed  before.

We guess that this band come from wrong Tpc Anode voltages coming from DB./p>

 Below it is shown dE/dx versus with PiD cut |N_sigma| < 1 

 2. The same set of plots is presented for AuAu 19. I have point that  we have extra band in dE/dx versus momentum, which points again to wrong Tpc Anode Voltages for AuAu19 period too.