Averaged STAR magnet current table

     I have revisited post Run XXI Ks0 mass and STAR main magnet current 
where I claimed a variation of Ks0 mass with pT > 1 GeV/c by 0.4 MeV/c2 versus run number. 
There two reasons for this variation:

  1. Using for magnetic field a scale factor which is rounded with precision 0.1% in FillMagFactor.C: ScaleFactor=signoffield*floor(1000*(fabs(current)/4500.0))/1000.0;
  2. The STAR magnetic field measurements are oscillating by ~0.1% (~4 A) around its average value. Because for ScaleFactor it is used the only first current measurement in a run the oscillation is propagated into  all magnet field setting.

The proposal is to use to scale magnetic field averaged per run Main STAR magnetic current from the new table  RunLog/onl/starMagAvg table (instead of  RunLog/onl/starMagOnl) where we keep the averaged current per run. The averaged current considered as measured if RMS per point is less 4 A. RMS for averaged current value is RMS / sqrt(noEntries-1).
The scale factor is set to provide Ksmass with pT > 1 GeV/c to be PDG value:
St_starMagAvgC:: ScaleFactor(Int_t i = 0){return current()/(4500/(9.98071899596718826e-01));}