HFT VMC Embedding status and plans.

 1. HFT Simulators:
     Pxl fast simulation with status tables,
     Ist slow simulation,
     Sst fast.

2. The tests of simulated charm particle decays and their reconstruction have been done with
   a. Misaligned (Real) geometry, and
   b. The primary vertex using MC one
   c. pT distribution (mTsq) : dN/dmT^2 = exp(-mT/T) with T = 0.457 GeV/c
   d. pT range for D/Ds     : [1,10] GeV/c
                        Lambda_c : [2,10] GeV/c
   e. 0 < phi < 2pi; |eta| < 1

3. MuDst files are located on HLT farm at

D0-> K+K-                               /net/l401/data/scratch2/fisyak/reco/2016B/D02KmTsqReal      
D0-> K0s K+K-                         /net/l401/data/scratch2/fisyak/reco/2016B/D0K0s2KmTsqReal  
D0-> K0s pi+pi-                       /net/l401/data/scratch2/fisyak/reco/2016B/D0K0s2pimTsqReal 
D0-> K-pi+                               /net/l401/data/scratch2/fisyak/reco/2016B/D0KpimTsqReal    
D+-> K0s pi+                            /net/l401/data/scratch2/fisyak/reco/2016B/DK0spimTsqReal   
Ds+-> K0s K0s pi+                   /net/l401/data/scratch2/fisyak/reco/2016B/DsK0sK0spimTsqReal
Ds+-> K0sK+                            /net/l401/data/scratch2/fisyak/reco/2016B/DsK0sKmTsqReal   
Ds+-> K+K-pi+                        /net/l401/data/scratch2/fisyak/reco/2016B/DsKKpimTsqReal   
Lambda_c+->Lambda 2pi+pi-  /net/l401/data/scratch2/fisyak/reco/2016B/Lc3pimTsqReal
Lambda_c+->K-pi+p                /net/l401/data/scratch2/fisyak/reco/2016B/LcKppimTsqReal

Decays forced:

     K0s    -> pi+ pi-
     Lambda -> p pi-

 4. Maksym and Iouri are checking the above data sets. They agreed to present the reconstruction efficiencies for the above channels on HF PWG. This study will define a priority list for embedding.

5. Pavol Frederic using Ideal geometry is studying more extensive list of open charm decay channel in order to check  / update the priority list.

6. Release TFG17g has been created on both RCF (gcc 4.8.2 and gcc 4.9.2) and HLT (gcc 5.2.1) for i32 and x86 both debug and optimized. This release has been frozen. People who would like to stay with stable environment are invited to use TFG17g.

7. We are planning to use HLT cluster to do embedding of the selected channel for days 125-134 (1462416 events).   One channel takes ~2 days of processing on HLT farm.

24 (h/day) * 3600 (h/sec) * 475 cpu / 25 (secs/event/cpu) / 1e6 (events) = 1.64 days/(1Mevent)

   It is planning that Hongwei will manage the production on HLT farm.

8. Embedding event selection, Primary vertex with

        |Z| < 6 cm,
        |Z - Z_VPD| < 3 cm,
        sqrt(X^2 + Y^2) < 1 cm, and
        sqrt(sigma_X^2 + sigma_Y^2) < 0.0050 cm
        Trigger ID selection : 520001, 520011, 520021, 520031, 520041, 520051 (Jamie, Xin)

 9. The first pass of embedding of Lambda_c+->K-pi+p has bee done. MuDst files are located at
The sample contains 665784 events.

Maksym and Iouri are checking the production. I have one concern with this production: 
I am sure that MC hits are propagated through Ist reconstruction
but  I don't see Ist hits with non zero IdTruth in embedding.