Identifying injection runs via beam intensity asymmetry

Here is a plot of log10(IntensityYELLOW / IntensityBLUE) vs. day so far in Run 19, restricting to production runs with good status:

A few spot checks confirm that the runs at ~±5 are injection runs. There were some non-production runs with values at ~±3, so I have to be careful to select production runs.

Here is a recipe for finding the injection runs:

~genevb/public/getRichScalers.csh -keys runnumber -limit 0 -cond 'runnumber>20000000,trgsetupname~roduction' >! rlist1
if (-e rlist2) rm rlist2
root -l -b -q '~genevb/public/run2scaler.C("rlist1","log10(inty/intb)","ntup.root","rlist2")' >&! log.run2scaler
if (-e rlist3) rm rlist3
root -l -b '~genevb/public/ntup.C(2,"rlist2")' << EOF
a->Scan("x","abs(y)>3"); >rlist3
grep 20 rlist3 | awk '{print $4}' >! Run19_InjectionRuns

I'm keeping a somewhat up-to-date list here: ~genevb/public/Run19_InjectionRuns