RT 3062: DAQInfo DiskLoc delays

 To document the time lags seen for updates to the DAQInfo table's DiskLoc, I show here the distribution of differences in time (hours) between the last UpdateDate timestamp of a given file, and its corresponding MuDst file's timestamp on disk (accounting for EDT to GMT conversion), restricting to files from day 65 (654 files):

Here is the script I ran to obtain the data (no null results were returned):

ls -l /star/data{09,10,11,12}/reco/production_pp200trans_2015/ReversedFullField/dev/2015/065/*/st_physics*.MuDst.root >! flist
cut -d '/' -f 11 flist | cut -d '.' -f 1 >! slist

set quote = '"'
foreach ss (`cat slist`)
  set li = `grep $ss flist`
  set ti = `echo $li | awk '{print "2015-03-0"$7" "$8}' `
  mysql -h duvall.star.bnl.gov -C operation -N -e "select ifnull(DiskLoc,-1),ifnull(hour(timediff(UpdateDate,${quote}${ti}${quote} + interval 4 hour)),-99) from DAQInfo where file=${quote}${ss}.daq${quote}"