Run 16 TPC field cage currents issues

Plot arrangement:
  • Top left: outer east
  • Top right: outer west
  • Bottom left: inner east
  • Bottom right: inner west
Initial look for the first few hours of February 14, 2016:
(zero on x axis is midnight EST (04:00 GMT), and units are hours)




ZDC coincidence rate:

Here's a look at the currents on all four field cages for 2016 so far, under the conditions that the TPC is on via the cut "run>0&&abs(Vcr-27.965)<0.025&&Iow>76&&Iiw>76&&Iie>76&&Ioe>76"

The dip seen by all the currents on day 49 is probably something like the TPC turning off but my cuts not catching it. Besides that, one can also see:
  1. Inner west has other days when the currents dropped in the range of days 45-55.
  2. Inned east had a drop around day 46.
  3. Outer east is OK.
  4. Outer west has no notable drops, but does have two periods when the partial short seems to have been occurring.