Run 19 19.6 GeV BeamLine

I ran the BeamLine calibration codes on the picoDsts from the large calibration production for the Run 19 19.6 GeV data. I found a few oddities of note:
  1. The beam shifted mid-fill between runs 20063037 and 20063039. It appears that run 20063038 was a Vernier scan and that the beam was not returned to its initial state, and was left there for many days afterwards.
  2. The beam shifted mid-fill again between runs 20071037 and 20071038. It's possible that it shifted in the middle of one of the runs, but that the picoDsts used didn't cover the time at which the shift occurred. There are only a couple minutes between these two runs, and there is no documentation in the ShiftLog to the reason for the shift.
  3. The beam shifted mid-run in two runs on day 88: 20088002 and 20088006. Even thought the picoDsts used don't span the time of the shift, I believe the shift correlates with steps I see in the vpdw scaler rate during those runs. Nothing is noted in the ShiftLog, so again we have no reason to understand the shift.
  4. A minor excursion happened on day 71. I'm unaware of any reason to explain this.
  5. Some minor excursions happened on days 72-73. I'm unaware of any reasons to explain these.
  6. Some major excursions happened on days 59-60. I'm unaware of any reasons to explain these.
Below is a plot of the parameters uploaded to the database.