Run 20 BMM potential issues

 More text to come later...

Some plots from JH Lee just as the beginning of run 21076004:
Top: HLT rate
Middle: intensity
Bottom: BBC singles

The next plot is by me (Gene) from about the same time, with black showing the BMM currents, and red showing one of the RICH scalers (I think it's one of the BBC singles as JH has shown).


Some example run-by-run sDCAs (blue, in 20-second-wide bins) and scaled BBC coincidence rates (magenta = bbcx*0.6/7000.0 - 0.1) vs. time after the run starts:
(note: I used a crude method to match the time axis between the two datasets, so there may be an offset here that is a failure of my method, not a real offset in time)