TPC laser reconstruction observations

Plots are vs. event number in my ntuple. Each run used several files, and each file was several hundred events; file boundaries are obvious!

UPDATE: Alexei Lebedev believes this is due to the lasers having insufficient time to warm up, and thus don't have a stable tune to keep intensities high. Shift crew must keep tuning to keep the intensity up, as may have occurred a time or two during run 18050050, but not during run 18045131. There aren't expected to be any significant systematics in the drift velocity measurement as the intensity changes, but this may be worth re-checking.

Tracks per event run 18045131

Good Tracks per event run 18045131

Hits per event run 18045131

Hits/Track per event run 18045131

Tracks per event run 18050050

Good Tracks per event run 18050050

Hits per event run 18050050

Hits/Track per event run 18050050