VERTEX2015 Talk on tracking with HFT

Title: Developments in Tracking with STAR's Heavy Flavor Tracker
G. Van Buren, for the STAR Collaboration

A primary goal of the high luminosity era at RHIC will be the study of heavy quark behavior in Quark Gluon Plasma. The integration of high precision silicon-based tracking in the form of the Heavy Flavor Tracker for the STAR Experiment should enable the reconstruction and identification of charmed hadron decays, working in concert with STAR's Time Projection Chamber to determine momenta and displacement of decay daughters from the primary collision vertex. To reach the precision demands, the new detectors must be calibrated and sufficiently accounted in tracking to observe charmed hadrons with high signal-to-noise. In this presentation we will review the STAR Collaboration's developments and achievements in this critical effort.


Allotted time for presentation: 25 + 5 minutes

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itation for this paper: (not yet published! unsure if it will be 2015 or 2016 for publication year)
G. Van Buren et al., in proceedings of "24th International Workshop on Vertex Detectors" PoS(VERTEX2015)013