QM 2015 PWG topics

Quark Matter 2015 - STAR Physics Topics

The following topics have been brought forward by the PWGs for consideration at Quark Matter 2015


  • energy dependence of Kaon HBT
  • v1 measurements at 14.5GeV
  • energy dependence of v1 of KS0 and Lambda
  • 3He+Au and Cu+Au v2 results
  • 3He and Cu+Au C(4) results
  • BES (incl. 14.5GeV) vn results
  • azimuthal anistropy of phi meson in U+U and Au+Au collisions
  • v2  of identified particles at 14.5GeV
  • net-proton and net-charge multiplicity asymmetry CME
  • the ridge in the BES at RHIC
  • v2 of D0 from Run 14 (with HF PWG)
  • measurements of interaction between anti-protons
  • CME: multiplicity asymmetry in BES


  • gamma-Jet
  • h-jet (200Gev and/or 62.4GeV)
  • inclusive jets
  • di-jet imbalance - Aj
  • away-side jet correlations
  • 3He-Au correlations
  • sub-jets (?)

Heavy Flavor

  • D*-e correlations from Run-11 p+p at 500GeV
  • D*-D* correlations from Run-11 p+p at 500GeV
  • NPE-h correlations from Run-11 Au+Au 200GeV
  • NPE from central Run-12 U+U at 193GeV
  • J/psi polarization from Run-11 p+p at 500GeV
  • J/psi-> dielectron from Run-12 p+p at 200GeV
  • J/psi->dimuon from Run-13 p+p at 500GeV
  • Open charm meson RAA and v2 from Run-14 Au+Au at 200GeV
  • NPE RAA and v2 from Run-14 Au+Au at 200GeV
  • J/psi (dielectron and dimuon) from Run-14 Au+Au at 200GeV
  • Upsilon (dielectron and dimuon) from Run-14 Au+Au at 200GeV

Light Flavor Spectra

  • dilepton from Run-12 U+U at 193GeV
  • light-nuclei spectra in BES
  •  KS0, Lambda, Xi in Run-12 U+U at 193GeV
  • strangeness in 14.5GeV
  • pi/K/p spectra in 14.5GeV
  • rapidity density in BES