For FMS data taken on day 166 +167, Len has analyzed the trigger distribution.

for day 164, I have an analysis also

I have created pdf files that calculate distributions of energy for reconstructed photons that point back to each FMS cell.  In the files, I compare day photon energy distributions from day 164 in red to day (166+167) in black. There are four files, one for each FMS module. The plot names are constructed by row, col and det where

det=0 ->Large North

det=1->Large South

det=2->Small North

det=3->Small South

click on above links for plots.

Photons energy is plotted if E>5 for small cells and E>2.5 for large cells. Gains are taken as constant for all cells.

These are multi page pdf's and there are 9 plots per page. The first plot is the first 3 cols and first 3 rows. The second plot is the first 3 cols and second three rows. Red is data from run day 164 black is days 166+167.

The plot title was made with something like:  printf("Er%d_c%d_%d...",row,col,det)

Orientation: row and col start at zero with row = 0 the top and col=0 the middle.


Mass Plots.

1) Again gains for all cells are constant.

2) Photon pairs are selected from photons plotted above if the angular separation is less than .035 radians.

det0  det1 det2 det3

Again, all masses are calculated with nominal gains.

Again Red is data from run day 164 black is days 166+167.