FPD Eta Event Display

The large single spin asymmetries associated with the ETA meson implies that relatively few events contribute to large values of AN. It seems reasonable to post the event display for each of these events. Run and Event numbers are also included for discussion of specific events.

The following multipage PDF files include one page for each Run 6 FPD event that contributes to the high energy AN measurements.

The PDF files will include 1 page for up to 600 events of a particular class and will include a page for every 50'th event after the first 600.

The format is divided into four quadrants.

upper left: text

upper right: running spin (+,-) accumulation

lower left: North FPD event display with energies per cell

lower right: South FPD


1) Eta event candidates: .47<Mpair<.63 ;  Center Cut with radius 0.15 

50<E<60: STAR/files/userfiles/1651/file/pdf/EtaEventsE50-60ccut_15_M55__08.pdf


60<E<70: STAR/files/userfiles/1651/file/pdf/EtaEventsE60-70ccut_15M_55__08.pdf

70<E<80: STAR/files/userfiles/1651/file/pdf/EtaEventsE70-80ccut_15M_55__08.pdf


2) Eta event candidates: .45<Mpair<.65 ;  Center Cut with radius 0.15 

50<E<60: STAR/files/userfiles/1651/file/pdf/EtaEventsE55-60ccut_15M_55__1.pdf

60<E<70: STAR/files/userfiles/1651/file/pdf/EtaEventsE60-70ccut_15M_55__1.pdf

70<E<80: STAR/files/userfiles/1651/file/pdf/EtaEventsE70-80ccut_15M_55__1.pdf


3) Pi0 event candidates: .07<Mpair<0.20 ; Center Cut with radius 0.15

55<E<60: STAR/files/userfiles/1651/file/pdf/EtaEventsE55-60ccut_15M_135__065.pdf