Best Run9 Small Cell Shower Shape

Recent work on optimized shower shape for Run 9 Small Cells

This work is based on code that I have written that ignores that 1 cluster vs 2 cluster issues and all the cluster category work. I simply puts everything in a area of the detector into a single cluster. The cluster is then fit to a 1 photon or two photon hypothesis.  The Single cluster produces various SigmaMax type moments before fitting and chi-squares for pi0 and for single photon after fitting. All of these quantities are studies below.


  • New Shape Parameters
  • Hi Tower Energy Fraction distribution (data vs shape)
  • cluster energy vs fitted cluster energy prediction for single photon clusters
  • Study of energy cutoff dependence in sigma max calculation
  • Using various sigmamax cuttoff's for separation between photon and pi0s vs energy
  • More meaningful chi2/dof with new shape.