FMS root12fms versions


The most recent version (Aug 26 2011) is STAR/files/userfiles/1651/file/versions/BuildRunFMS_8-26_tar.gz

This version includes Spin*.C , CommonSpin.C and plotjob used to make plots for the talk at Davis.  The Ofiles and Output files are temporarily located on RCAS at /star/u/heppel/ABatch/root12fms/scratch/



(Aug 11 2011) is STAR/files/userfiles/1651/file/versions/BuildRunFMS_8-12_tar.gz

This version fixes a problem that prevented turning on more general cluster catagories (single cluster ->2 Photons). 


(Aug 8 2011) is STAR/files/userfiles/1651/file/versions/BuildRunFMS_8-7_tar.gz 

This version implements Day dependend LED corrections for each small cell based on reconstructed Mass.


A recent version (June 15 2011) is: