Events passing Triggers Run 13 FMS

Apr 19
11:00 AM
I have attached two new files, same as below, but for run 14107137 with QT3 on.
Board Sums
The frames and colors are as described below.

I have plotted the mass, pt and pseudorapidity for several trigger bit combinations.
For Run 14104027

These bits should correspond to the board sum triggers.

6 pages of plots are attached 

1) small 0 :  bit2   only
2) small 1: bit2&bit3 only
3) not used: bit2&bit3 & bit4

4) large 0: bit5 only
5) large 1: bit5&bit6 only
6) large 2: bit5&bit6&bit7

colors are used to separate distributions from 4 quadrants


also a 3 page plot for Jet patch triggers

1) JP0
2) JP0&JP1
3) JP0&JP1&JP2

same colors