The changes in trigger are reflected in data from run 16070009 and 16070010. These runs involve about 9 million triggers. Note that about 5% of the STAR triggers are producing pi0's in the energy range indicated on the plots (above 25 Gev for small cells and 15 GeV for large cells)

After trigger changes and before any new adjustment of calibration based on these new data, the following are mass distributions (see pdf). One plot for each pseudorapidity region. See histogram name in the stats block for energy and eta (or zoom the pdf to see the title for full details ) Pi0 pair candidates were identified as 2 photons in a (35 mrad cone).

For the pt distribution of the pi0s, broken down in color by trigger bit set, see (Pt by Eta By Trigger)

For the corresponding position distribution of events with 1 photon in the cluster see (One Photon Position)  These 1 photon events give an indication of hot spots in the detector. (the z axis (square size) is indicating a linear event count)

The current plan is to analyze these data for gain corrections and do one last voltage change.