I have pushed about 70 million STAR triggers through the analysis for pi0's collected on Day070 and part of Day071.  

We do see asymmetries.

I have attached a pdf showing :
1) groups of 3 pages for each energy from 25 to 75 GeV in steps of 10 GeV.  Each group includes

A) A page of Cos(phi) distributions of the raw asymmetry fit to a straight line for each of 6 pT regions from 2.5 to 7.5 GeV.  

B) A page of Mass distributions for each of 6 pT region in that energy range.

C) A page of Asymmetry vs Pt distributions for the given energy range.

The remaining pages plot the energy distributions of AN for fixed pt regions.

 AN is calculated from the slope of the COS(PHI) dependence assuming blue polarization of 0.6.

Warning: this is running a script that I had on hand and has been given little quality control and checking so far. 

Chris Dilks will begin to analyze the same data with a more systematic approach, breaking things down by triggers and so on.