Day126 (P-Aui) fms first look

This is an analysis of Day126 data (P-Au) from the FMS with updated high voltages based analysis from Day 113 .
This was analyzed with "all one" gain corrections. For higher resolution picture see attachedf file,,

To compare something with PP run (day113) I have plotted number of photons reconstructed in a 200 mR cone of the FMS for comparison.

Also I have included plots of what the pT distributions look like for each trigger in different regions of pseudo-rapidity (see attanched file) for Day126 (p Au) triggers.

Single Spin An: Comparison between An for pp (red) and pA (blue)
for runs 
16126006 16126007 16126008 16126009 16126030
16126031 16126032 16126033 1612603

Plots are shown for pion energies 25 GeV, 35 GeV  45 GeV and 55 GeV.