This page represents the analysis of date taken after iteration3 voltages were set.
The FpdCorr.txt file to be used in the next iteration (iteration4) is linked.

Now the trigger rate is lower for large cells and a special run with large cell board sum triggers was used for large cells (16059049 see HTML).
A run with jet patch triggers was for analysis of  small cell callibration (16059046 see html) .

The analysis sequence was a differnt this time.

  • The first phase of analysis involved 16059049 and from that large cell corrections were obtained.  This was obtained with board sum triggers that tends to supress high mass pairs.
  • The second phase involved analysis of 16059046, which used the jet trigger. Here we have fewer large cell events than before because of the reshaping of the "goal" gains. We use this data to analyze the small cell events. 
  • The third pass is a cell by cell inspection to "set by hand" gains that seem wrong. Note that as we bring up the problem cell voltages (often with bit shifts) the backgrounds increase. 

For Run 16059046 plots are below

For Run 16059049 plots are below