The result of analysis of iteration4 is below.The corrections from iteration4 to be used to set iteration5 voltages are FmsCorr.  Here is the (HTML) file from analysis of iteration4 voltages.  

At the beginning of analysis of data from Iteration 4, we set all corrections to unity. This is what the mass plots look like before any analysis of mass peaks to tune corrections. These are the mass plots obtained with iteration 4 voltages and with all gain corrections set to 1.

hh0 N12==2&&E12>25.0&&abs(M12-.5)<.5&&abs(Eta-3.9)<.1
hh1 N12==2&&E12>25.0&&abs(M12-.5)<.5&&abs(Eta-3.7)<.1
hh2 N12==2&&E12>25.0&&abs(M12-.5)<.5&&abs(Eta-3.5)<.1
hh3 N12==2&&E12>20.0&&abs(M12-.5)<.5&&abs(Eta-3.3)<.1
hh4 N12==2&&E12>20.0&&abs(M12-.5)<.5&&abs(Eta-3.1)<.1
hh5 N12==2&&E12>20.0&&abs(M12-.5)<.5&&abs(Eta-2.9)<.1
hh6 N12==2&&E12>20.0&&abs(M12-.5)<.5&&abs(Eta-2.7)<.1

After Pi0 analysis, with determination of correction factors, we apply the corrections and plot the masses as shown below.