Iteration7 Analysis

 We took data a small amount of test data on Saturday (day 73) at the end of the fill to test a possible iteration 7 high voltage set. This was about 1/2 million triggers under varying conditions. However I have analyzed these data and can show some results. 

Analyzing with all corrections set to ones, the pi0 mass plots look good (mass plots for various regions)  where 100 mR radius was used to define 2 photon events.  

The corresponding plot of  single photon positions in the FMS is linked (here). 

Based on these results I am proposing that we make a iteration8 on top of iteration7 involving changes to only a handful of cells. I am not touching the 6 cells that were reduced during the collection of this data because it is too difficult to know what data I am looking at means for those channels.

My proposed correction changes are (FpdCorr.txt). These corrections look like this.

Small Cells:

Large Cells