J/Psi Run 17 data sample without pre-post Shower Data.

A  small data sample of Run 17 FMS data, using BS triggers, with di-lepton transverse momentum 3<Pt<4 GeV/c and  2.75<pseudo-rapidity<3.35 with Z<.6 is shown below.  There are about 1400 J/Psi candidates in the mass peak. This corresponds to about 1.3 pb^(-1) of Run 17 data with no reference to pre or post shower data. The width of the peak is approximately consistent with resolution seen in the Eta meson.  This is about the number of J/Psi events that we might expect in the kinematic range.

The green curve corresponds to similar cuts to di-pi events of the same kinematics.
See attached note for details.